The Hate In Me


I was staring into shadows, again
Like I always seem to do
Chasing away the memories
When out of the past comes a remnant
Long hated, never forgotten
And in the moment of interaction
All the hate
All the anger
All the rage
Faded listlessly into pure pity
Sadness overwhelmed all violent desire
And replaced all the hate in me

Somewhere along the way
Something deep inside me changed
And when faced with the chance to return, in kind, the pain
Inflicted on so many
I could do naught but laugh at the fear
And as I stared, no, glared at the nonchalance of it all
Pity overcame every ounce of the hate in me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Guess it's a good thing the past waited until now to come back, huh?

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BRAVO,!!! Wowser! What a

BRAVO,!!! Wowser! What a great poem!! Love the ideas and the power in the write! Awesome! HugSS 

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Great write RoC. Powerful

Great write RoC. Powerful read. I've had these moments. Though it takes quite a lot to get me to feel hate. 

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This is really well written.

This is really well written. I was hooked on line one 'I was staring into the sadows, again.'

Very powerful. Very easily connected to.


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