Entranced by a Notion

The Rhythm of Love

I am
Entranced by a notion
Sparked by
A deep seeded commotion
Held fast
By the strength of this emotion

I hold an image in my mind
Two lovers walking in moonlight
Leaning close, hand in hand
A beautiful woman and her loving man

And I am
Entranced by a notion
That feeds
My deep inner commotion
By the strength of your emotion

I have this dream in my thoughts
You lying right here in my arms
A mass of tangled body parts
Trapped in the rhythm of our hearts

And I am
Entranced by a notion
That we are
Caressed by this commotion
And you are
The strength in my emotions

I am holding you close to me
You're in the space that fills my dreams
I give the love you'll always need
You are the source of my belief

And I am
I am
And with this notion
I become a better man
With our emotion
I feel the love we have at hand

You are the reason why I am
Entranced by a notion

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Another awesome write RoC! Mystified...

Entranced by a notion

I slipped into a wonder

of what it would be like

to be in your arms


Entranced by a notion

I slipped into a dream

feeling your heart beat

in tuned with my own



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Is quite a powerful inspiration :)

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

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Copyright © morningglory