The Water's Cascade

The Rhythm of Love

As the past falls, and the memories fade
I'm on the edge of the water's cascade
Drowning regrets and washing away
The woes of forgotten yesterdays

Tomorrow may be brighter, if it and I meet
But today is the place, in which I believe
And though I hold fast to a dream
The sky is not the limit for me

I will not chase tomorrow's light
From yesterday I will not hide
I'll take a moment now and then
To let the memories seep in
They made me who I am today
The man you see when dreams take shape
I am the one you hold inside
And from your touch, I feel my life

I will not hold out for tomorrow
Yesterday won't fill me with sorrow
There's no other thought I need think of
For today, I am with you, my love

And as I stare up to the sky
I set my words free to fly
And all the tears of joy you cry
I'll wipe clear from your eyes

I'll kiss away each saline drop
I always keep you in my thoughts
When I'm with you, I just can't stop
Reminding you that when we fall
Together we can reach the top
In all your passion I am caught
Holding on to all we've got
When I'm with you I want it all
The dreams, the touch, the love, the flaws
Perfection in your siren call

Nothing else makes any sense
Than this, our shared connection
There's nothing more worth falling in
Than this chance we're given

With yesterday so far away
For tomorrow, I'll not wait
Because you're here with me today
In my thoughts, my heart, the bed we've made
And as the past falls, and the memories fade
I'm on the edge of the water's cascade

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well....this didn't start out as a love poem...but when the mind is distracted, the course becomes altered....

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You know I try to  save the

You know I try to  save the best for last, and i have to say I'm rarely disappointed! glad you're one of the last! This is stunning! Hugss 

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is just an epic speechlessness inducing comment....
You rock SS!!

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