Misspelled French Pancake


Thank you kindle for turning my crap into a crape, and forgetting that the french spell it crepe.

In all the madness on the screen
The autocorrect directs each scene
My touch in vain, the letters writ
Come from this mindless techno-git
I cannot write my own replies
When the words are chosen by this device

I'd like to say what's on my mind
But the touch screen doesn't know my type
So it picks what it wants to find
And sends out what it wants to write

No keyboard underneath my hands
And this touchscreen orders its own commands
Broken when it's working, and broken when it's not
Not matter how you put it, this techno-crap is flawed
And in my hands, this damn thing gets too hot
Then forgets to write the words I've scrawled

You stupid machine, you technicalogical beast
Write the words I type on your screen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There you go ashes. One misspelled french pancake just for you

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Oh, man. The beginning to this is priceless.

Oh, ROC thank you for the laugh!



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Fucking A! 

Fucking A! 

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