New Years Resolution

The Rhythm of Love

For this holiday near
The end of another passing year
I could make the usual resolutions
Quit smoking, lose weight, find solutions
But as this year comes to an end
The only resolution in mind
Is to give every moment I can spend
Compelling your heart to release a smile

You may have realized this by now
I make it pretty obvious
I stand here with my hand out
Waiting for you to reach up

When you feel like crying
I'll be there to dry your tears
When you feel like smiling
I'll be there to block your fears

I want to lift you when you're down
I want to hold you close
With me, you'll never be without
The feelings you should always know

I wonder now, if it's a bit too soon
To say I might be falling for you
And though you can't be in my arms tonight
You're the one who makes my heart feel alive

I cannot deny my attraction
My desire to hold you close to me
I cannot conceal my infatuation
You're all that I could ever need

So my new year's resolution this year
Is to be there with the one I hold dear
To fill your beautiful heart with cheer
And to dry up all your tears

As the distance claims so much of our time
I resolve to diminish the space between
To give you all that you deserve in life
And to give you whatever you need

So, as we welcome the year renewed
This is my resolution to you

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SSmoothie's picture

Omg! Totally romantic!!! I

Omg! Totally romantic!!! I think I'm falling for you! They should read it, anonymously of course ;) beautifully done ROC! Hugss

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

RoC's picture

I am nothing

If not hopelessly romantic
careful with that notion, remember what happened last time?
and isn't 'three' what bad things come in?

Totally love ya, SS ;)

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

Morningglory's picture

RoC bestilling hearts again.

RoC bestilling hearts again. Lovely! Always a pleasure to see your work around here!

Copyright © morningglory

RoC's picture

Just one heart..

Glad to see it reaches so many tho

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr