Dag-gum Moto

My Job Inspires Me

Well, I've been sayin it all along
And today, the proof I wasn't wrong
As I tested the internal system of a Moto
The proof befell as I stared at the screen
I always said these boxes have no hope
And today, the proof came right to me

The error reported from the communication program is, as follows
"Error1 - DagTimerEvent: Couldn't get an instance of the Mot Client Controller"

So, when Motos lose their brains
And can't find the signal's gain
Then the timer is a Dag
No doubt, of that, I had

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Bahahahaha ha! Dag! Help

Bahahahaha ha! Dag!
Help moto! Your new dagberry is out! Fandagtastic! Hugss needed some good dag!

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