Oh, sweet, savored goodness
An original classic
Something I grew up with
And when I crave, I have to have it

All that flavor, flooding all my senses
Such sweet succulent sensation
I could drench my pallet
And never tire of it

So good, vanilla cream wrapped in tangy orange
A flavor combination on which I could gorge

When I see it in front of me
I can almost taste how sweet
It would be melting on my tongue
Oh, how just one is never enough

So scintillating in its presence
Devouring my flavor senses
I succumb to the desire
To nibble little bites

Oh, how I enjoy the warm little tickle
As my mouth is infused
I was going to write about a dreamsicle
But I decided I’d rather write about you

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Oh, I love dreamsicles!

Oh, I love dreamsicles!

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Ultimate flavor combination...strange, but true. Trust the RoC

Peanut butter dreamsicle cheesecake

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