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You are truly amazing
And I can't wait until the day that you can see
The things that I believe
With every new moment that I spend in your company

If you could only open up your eyes
And for just a single moment realize
That girl in the mirror gazing back at you
Is the most profound, amazing girl I ever knew

I may not know you all that much
But I think that I have seen enough
To see that you are better than you ever thought you'd be
With all the parts that make the girl I see

Echoed in brilliance
Wrapped up in emotion
Beyond any that I've seen
And desire
To flare what you inspire
When I look, it's what I see
And I'm wishing
That somehow you'll start to believe

I could go on and on
But the truth won't ever change
Just more words that will say the same thing

That you are nothing less than amazing
Just being who you are

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Here's to that! This is

Here's to that! This is amazing roc! Cheers! SS

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