Stand and Rise

Rise up
Stand for what you believe in
Stand up
Rise to the occasion

Dance your heart free
Jump from the windows
Fly into the skies
And swim away on a moonlit night

Stand up
Rise to what you need
Rise up
Stand for what you believe

Run to your freedom
Crawl to your sanctuary
Whisper your dreams
And let your desires set you free

Rise up
Stand up for what you want
Stand up
Rise to find your footing in the stars

From one star gazer to another
Find shelter in the backlit cover
Let the darkness fuel your colors
While the madness feeds your hunger

Rise and stand
There's no time like now
Take a chance
Find a way to break out

Stand and rise
This moment waits for you
Live your life
The way you always wanted to

There is nothing that can hold you back
Break free from what's come to pass
Shed regrets from in your mask
And take a trip on nowhere's path

Stand up
It's time to rise
Rise up
It's time to stand

Stand up
This is your time
Rise up
This is your life

Rise and stand
Take a chance
Stand and rise
Reach for the sky

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Thanks for the read RoC. Much

Thanks for the read RoC. Much needed message. :)

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