"You took a chance today. You looked out beyond your life, and you imagined something better, and you went for it. And you know what? Maybe it was foolish. Maybe you overreached, but the point is, it happens. My God, it happens all the time. When the heart's involved, we botch things up. It's how we're wired. But the thing is, it can all be made better, all of it. You know why? Because you acted out of love, and when you do that, those mistakes you make, they can be corrected, all of it. Now you made some questionable choices today that you are going to feel bad about for a while, but there is one choice you could've made today that you would've regretted forever. You know what that is? It's doing nothing. Doing nothing is easy. To hide away. To put up walls. The hardest part is reaching out, and you did that. You took that chance. Today is a beginning. It's not an end." -- Spike from Flashpoint

Life is made of chances
Life is made of choices
Chances are your choice to take
Or you can let it just slip away

I made the choice I made
Wouldn't have made it any other way
Because I saw a chance at something great
And it's just a chance I had to take

Can the choices be wrong?
Can the chances fail?
Of course, that's why we fall
But there's always another day

You made a choice
Yours and mine weren't the same
But you took a chance
And we can't let that memory fade

You know that somewhere deep inside
This connection is no lie
You know that in the depths of your mind
We're both still aiming for the sky

There is a way to avoid mistakes
But who would want a life of waste
We learn the most from the ones we make
So I say make them everyday

Because life is a series of chances
Guided by the choices we make
It's time to rise and dig your hands in
The choice of taking chances each day

"Risk without reward is wasted energy, but life without risk is wasted life" -- RoC

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Thanks for this read RoC. I

Thanks for this read RoC. I really needed to hear this today.

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Tank ya

Tank ya... Happy to be of service

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr