The Cleansing Rain (part II)

A Fallen Hero

With this angel in this light
I find myself in paradise
Finally belonging while
No longer on the road of life

But somewhere in the winds I hear
A voice that’s crying out from fear
Trapped below a demon’s sneer
Caged inside with falling tears

I tell my angel, gazing on my soul
I hate to say, but I feel I need to go

“To where” she asks, curiosity wild
“Back to the life I gave for you” he smiles

“But why is this, my dearest knight
Would you give up this paradise”

“Because that demon feeds on someone’s life
And I must return to face that fight
I left before the demon fell
I must cast him back to hell”
She shudders at the truths I tell
And bids to me a last farewell

I fall from Heaven to the ground
Listening for that fateful sound
To find the girl that demon found
And free her from his demon crowd

I rush to where his lot resides
To find her in the darkest night
I run as fast as I can stride
To save her from this plight

Deep into hell I reach at last
The demon’s herd is all amassed
And through the hoard I swing and bash
The demon’s fall in clouds of ash
One by one they all fall down
Advancing through them round by round
And when I reach the final one
I see the fight has just begun
With sword in hand I parry right
The demon swings with all his might
A dodge, a block, a twist, a writhe
The demon forced into this fight
Too good to fall like all the rest
Taking all that I have left

I hear his gloat, at his behest
He thinks he’s beat my solemn quest
And at his words, I give my best
To fell this demon like the rest

I hear a whimper pained and soft
I feel my courage growing strong
My inhibition sheds right off
I fight without a thought of cost
My resolve is strengthened at her cries
This demon fails to realize
That I fight not for me, but her
To save her from this wicked cur

“You think that you can win against me”
The demon laughs, his words obscene
“I’m only in her mind, don’t you see
You fight while she clings to me
The cage that traps her in this place
Created by her own distaste
And you believe that you can win
When I am only imagined”

Still I fight, because demon’s lie
And I will not give up this fight
I say no words, but strategize
On how I cut this demon’s size
I feel my rage well up inside
This demon and his worthless pride

And in a moment, as he laughs
I find a weakness in his back
I strike with the final blow at last
This demon falls in his own ash
I do not waver from my path
I find the key the demon had
And rush to find the girl he trapped

Caged above a raging blaze
I walk right through those raging flames
Insert the key into her lock
She looks upon me, eyes in shock

“My dear, you’ll find your freedom now
Just take a leap and come on out
That demon fell, in ashes lays
You are free to walk away”

With those words I turn to leave
She does naught but stare at me

“Dear knight,” she cries, “where will you be
When he comes back to bury me”

“He’s gone, sweet child, now you are free
Erase him from your memory”

I guide her back to daylight’s shine
I bring her back across that line
She smiles before she walks away
I smile too, before I fade

I fall to earth, my heart cries out
I feel the thunder crashing down
The rain falls to this beaten ground
The cleansing rain, it’s so profound

I gave one last look as she left
Then took once more my final breath
And back here in my angel’s light
She gazes at me with a smile

“A hero, you will always be”
Is what my angel says to me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Chapter 2 in this undying hero's saga

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Beautiful! I loved it! HugSS

Beautiful! I loved it! HugSS

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