There's a thunder in the distance
Like a storm called into life
Because the storm was never mentioned
Before I wrote my last write

I mentioned the storm rolling in to wash it all away
Now the thunder calls to claim me
The storm I called from the skies
It seems that when tonight fades
I'll know that I am right
That tonight the rain will cleanse me
And tomorrow I'll back in the light

Because the thunder in the distance
Is calling me outside
And the power of the instance
Makes me cling to life

And there's a thunder in the distance
Bringing the storm to me
To capture my insistence
That I let the past go free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Seriously. The storm just started.

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I love storms and running in

I love storms and running in the rain and thunder! Gorgeous times! I love poems about storms! Funnily enough, I don't think I've ever written one about an actual storm!? Go figure?

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