Subtle suppositions of ironic chance
Courted by the merest of a glance
Garnered in their own countenance
And left beyond the veil of images

With the intrinsic value place upon such mediocre means
Wars are waged inside such fickle things
By an intrinsic superstition placed on valuing

Is anything worth the cost it comes to claim
Can truth defy the karmic side of fate
Will light define the dark of the insane
Chosen for its own instrinsic taste

An elaborate ruse has been called from where it lays
To punish, use, and generically lay waste
To all who will deny this wicked place
Attack and stand to keep the others safe
With an intrinsic connection, deeper than the grave

The rich take all they wish to take
And the poor get lain out in their wake
But it's time to stand, to make the whole thing change
For the intrinsic value of living life unshamed

So to all who bargain to destroy for their own gain
The hood keeps in shadow, a hero with no name
Determining the choice beyond the fame
To avenge the lost from all who've taken them away

In this story you will fall beneath the green
As waste is lain to your power on these streets
The game has changed, the strength goes to the weak
So take your chance to dodge the arrow that's coming
From the shadows you will fall before your seen
Your end devised by your own true wicked means

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by Arrow, the new CW show about Oliver Queen

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Excellent! Love the name the

Excellent! Love the name the theme, everything! A very, very, arty piece! I loved it! HugSS

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