We Are Poets

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Like birds of a feather
Like moths to a flame
We all flock together
Both with pride and with shame

Because we are poets
We sing our songs
We are poets
One and all

You can strike us down
But we will rise back up
You can try to push us around
But we will brush off the dust
You can cast us out
We will be proud and be tough
Because we'd rather break ground
And write with words that will crush
The very essence resounds
As we feed you your crutch

Because we are poets
We will sing our songs
We are poets
One and all

We can write your story
We can rhyme your lies
But we write our memory
While we torment your minds
You will be history
When we choke you with rhymes
So fight and be sorry
When we ruin your lives

Because we are poets
We will sing our songs
We are poets
One and all

When this wildfire catches
And your strength has been crushed
We'll dance on your ashes
And we'll grind you to dust

Because we are poets
Poets, one and all

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say you hate poetry to my face...I dare you

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Because we are poets, we are

Because we are poets, we are free

Don't come 'round her with your questioning

We'll write what we want, whenever we like

You never can tell what might get us inspired



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Amen to that! Gra little

Amen to that! Gra little piece! Lol,I had a giggle because I sung it to a pirate song tune and loved it even mor cause I like me drunken pirates laddie! Ha ha! Thanks I needed that! Aye me hearty poaaaarhhtry

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This is really nice

This is really nice

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Thank you

It's one of my responses to whoever hacked my page and deleted it.

I'm glad you like it

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