Good Intentions


A substance
Yet powerful
Deigned by many
Sought by all
The path to everlasting
When all our woes are weighed
The scales balanced
A choice can't be made

A blessing
A curse in disguise
Forced upon the masses
Sectarian classes
Divide and devise
A path to demise
Let tomorrow bring
What I fucked up today
Back from the brink
As I cower in shame
On the path to damnation
Littered with the remains of good intentions
And better lies

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We tell lies To hide

We tell lies

To hide truths

Which would

Otherwise be

Too outside

Their box

Of dreams


We tells truths 

To show lies

In front of 

Their eyes

They reject it


Good to see your work back around a little more often.


Copyright © morningglory

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We tell lies

Because we fear the truths inside
We say it's to protect and disguise
But it only suffices to divide
Our truths we always hide

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr