Burn It All Away

There's something to be said
About a life that's all but dead
There's something to be known
About how tragedy unfolds
There are secrets in your eyes
And so much pain behind your lies
Your soul is screaming to be shown
A light leading out from the unknown
There's something to be said
About a life that's not yet dead
When you stare into the sun
Hoping the longest night is done
As you lift your hands up high
And scream your pain into the sky
Will you seek a better truth
That's not tumultuous for you
Will you let the clutter fall
Release yourself from what befalls
Will you stand and face the night
And let your agony subside
Or will you fall into the thrum
Suppressing every urge to run
Do you have the strength to lose
A little piece that you could use
To fan the flames of what you choose
And let the fires burn it all away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

212: Tumultuous

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