You come crashing down like thunder
Pouring life into my listless soul
You took my rug and pulled it out from under
What I thought was what I knew I know
Then you stand there, in all your glory
Begging to be seen
Writing pages of a brand new story
And I see life scribed in ink
Set in stone, yet left alone
Carved inside my fragile mind

And, as always, I stare, entranced
Because in all your ignorance
You never see the way my eyes view you
And once I tried to tell you everything
And everything just got misconstrued

It's kind of funny, actually
The way you see me without seeing a thing
The way you know me without even thinking
And through everything, the humor contrives
Because, through it all, you're all that I want to find
But you come in like thunder
Impress upon my subtleties
You pull that rug out from under
And I'm always left sewing up my seems

You don't even know it, but after all these wasted years
You're still the only one that gets to me
Of all that has passed, and all those I've seen
My ignorance lies in wishing upon a dream
I know things won't change
And I'll never actually speak these words to you
I'll just scribe them in rhyme
Dream in my mind
Take yesterday's time

The most ironic part is bearing witness to your presence everyday
And knowing you'll never know this is about you
Because I don't want to be the cause of any of your pain
And I want to make damn sure you keep the happy you see
But, damn it all, I can't keep it all bottled up inside
So, I'll just keep writ in until I run out of rhyme

If you do happen to recognize your name in the rubble
Just know that I wish to cause you no trouble
And that mo matter where this life may lead
You will always be the love I'll always need
And until my final breath escapes
I will love you, and love you, silently

I could write your name a thousand times
I could scream into every part of the sky
I could stand on my conviction
I could tell you everything
But I won't

You'll find me, one day, if you seek
And there, I'll still be waiting
Because no matter how far I go
Or how many faces I know
None will ever be you, to me
If perfect was actually a thing
Then you are as close as it could ever be
Oh, look, cheesy ol' me
Still drudging up lost memories

Godspeed, my dear, may the road treat you well
And may all your travels lead to dreams come true
Though it's not our story that I'll get to tell
I will still, and forevermore, always, love you

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I hope you are doing well.

Music for this?


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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I am well

Just drudged up old memories.
No music. Lost the musician. Still trying to figure it out though.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're feeling better.

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr