Ok, let's go
Get ready to start this show
You count to three
Tap twice then show to me
The symbol you choose in contending

Tap, tap show
Let us play to see who wins
The prize we'll pass in the end

Scissors, I see, but I chose rock
So, now I choose the prize I seek
I'll only be slightly tongue and cheek
Best two out of three? You mock
Ok, ready, set, tap, tap, show
Two more times we'll Rochambeau

You assumed again what I would choose
I'm cutting your paper symbol in two
That my dear was win number two
Three out of five? Are you sure I'll lose?

I know you well, I sense your thoughts
I know the third time, you'll choose rock
To keep this game we play prolonged
I'll give you the win you want

Looks like I was right this time
Now, the score is almost tied
You see I pay attention to the way you think
I make sure to notice everything
In truth, I don't really want to win
Unless you're the prize that I will get

Shall we play, once more, our rochambeau?
Ready, set, tap, tap, show
You've covered me to tie the score
I guess it's time for just one more

The final round to crown a champ
Do you know yet what's in my hand
If you win the prize you seek
I'll give whatever you ask of me

Ready, get set, let's go
One, two, three, tap, tap, show
Looks like you win, the prize to you
But before you cut my paper into two
Let's shelve the scissors and pull out the pen
Let's write a story to ink your win

Your gift, my dear, I give to thee
Please accept this gift from me
I played this game to keep you near
To spend more time, with you, right here
I'll play as long as you wish
Any every time, I know you'll win

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Shall we play?

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"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

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looks like paper with lines to me...

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