As she lies ablaze
Resting on her bed of embers
Slumbered amidst the mist
My heart calls out to save
And bring her back to splendor
To pull her from the edge

While the flames rage wild
The transcendent torment binds
To trap her in her own compliance
While I fight to change the tide
I will drag the waters with me
And leave no drop behind
To save her from this insolence
To wake her from her dream

I will tread on lightly
But ever in my haste
To never falter slightly
Before it's just too late
My solemn oath to fight the rage
Save her from this infernal fate
To give all that I possess
Granting such a sweet caress
To cleanse the flames away
To leave the cage in emptiness
And stay this course through all the mess
To let her know she's safe

As I travel on my chosen quest
To save this damsel in distress
My courage will not fade
I will fight the dying trust
To free her from her own disgust
And coax the flames away

Through the remnants of insistence
I'll challenge my common sense
To laugh through dangers breath
Compel my own persistence
To cure her of the senseless
And put her fears to rest

Today is just another fight
With one more soul to save
Tomorrow shines a brand new light
To prove that things can change
The embers blush inside the mind
The glow amongst them fades
With heart, and soul, and love to bind
With everything I am I'll say
To this I'll give you truth, no lies
I will never walk away

Her heart burns from cast
By all the remnants of her past
And I will sacrifice my last
To guarantee she's safe
For doubts and fears are simply cast
To the block the righteous from the path
Incurring thoughts of pain and wrath
To pull us to our graves

But alone I will stand if I must
To pull her from that bed of dust
I'll offer my embrace
I promise with all I will be
And everything inside of me
My truth will never feign

So tell me if this puzzle's solved
This question given truth
Or will another round involve
Another chance to prove
That through all of the filth and muck
I'll wash this world away
And with the smallest bit of luck
I'll always keep her safe
I'll give my all to lift her up
And relish his dismay
I'll walk right through the things he's done
And smother all his flames
The embers smolder into dust
And I'll brush them all away
I will do all that I must
To traipse right through those flames

To make certain her heart's less pained
In the shadows of receding flames
The waters cleansed and drawn away
The slumberous woken from her grave
And in my reach no more dismay
She'll nevermore feel unsafe

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Correction...forgive me
Inspired a very long time ago, sometime in early 2012, I think, by ashes_twisted's "Sleeping on Cinders"

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Dedication.great heart.well inked word weaving.

:) Koko

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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Ms. Ashes

Always was my best muse, until she stopped writing. Her stories are so easy to dive into and walk out with a flurry of inspiration

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

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I miss Ashes too... Her works were always of my fav's. So happy you are back writing again. I'm trying to get to the edge of the pool so I can jump in. 

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