Dungeon Keep (Part IX)

A Fallen Hero

A hero rests his weary eyes
His angel there right by his side
Somewhere in their paradise
Upon a cloud in heaven's skies

When silence falls, the night is blessed
But somewhere out beyond darkness
Another soul trapped in the mess
A demon's blight upon her chest

The angel looks upon the sky
Already knows it's time to fly
Her hero jumps hands at his side

"I'm going too," she says this time

They alit on the ground below, and quickly scan the scape
This time they both know, that wretched demon won’t escape
The hero draws his sword, as the lady grips her blade

”This way, or that?” She looks to him to guide the way

He listens to the winds for the source of all the pain
Chains rattle, feet patter, he looks at her and says “This way”

They travel for the source, taking every step in haste
Through a forest they run, dodging trees along the way
Out the other side, they find a clearing by a lake
On the shore, the mud they find, with blood it has been stained
Passing by they notice the structure coming clear
Knowing in that building, the demons spreads his wretched fear
The hero glances to the ground, puts a had upon his head
Gazes on it coldly before he says, “Oh, this again”
Another castle lies before them, scrawled in blood and bone
“What is it with this demon,” he asks to the unknown
“Always building castles, to feed his bravado”

Sevina laughs at his words, says ”You know just how foul things go”
A testament to those who always make the grandest show

Together they sneak swiftly, up to the walls to learn the score
She nods at his insistence, then listen to winds once more
In silence they agree on how to make their way inside
He quickly swings Sashura, through the rusted, iron chains
He leans his back against them, and pushes through the gates
His angel right behind him, enters holding up her blade
Together they dance back to back, parrying attacks
Lesser demons fall, littering the ground with ash
When the last has fallen, they move quickly into place
He puts his hand up to the door, the feel disturbances inside
But all seems so very quiet, perhaps they ran to hide
He pushes one door softly, until he sees the firelight
Glancing through the opening, he sees no single soul in sight

“Odd,” he coughs, “There seem to be no guards inside”

”Perhaps,” she tells him sweetly, “They thought they had enough outside”

Unconvinced and never swayed he walks into the hall
Perhaps it’s better that there’s no one here to fall
They search the rooms, descend the stairs to find the dungeon keep
The locked door shows no resistance as Sashura bears her teeth
Upon their entry, they find a lost soul torn and weak
Whimpering quietly in that cage he likes to keep
He rushes to the entry, blade still in his hand
Quick work of the bars his new sword makes
He reaches into to aid her as she shutters and she shakes

”No more, no more,” she cries ”No more torture, can I stand”

”We mean no harm” he assures, “You are the one we’re here to save”

She looks up at him coyly, tears streaming down her face

”I don’t know what I hate more,” Sevina chokes distaste
”That he needs these souls to suffer. Or that there’s so many he takes”

They clean her wounds and lead her back out beneath the sky
Oddly never noticing, no demon is in sight

”You’re safe now,” he tells her, “Take your time, regain your strength
When you’re ready, we’ll be here to guide you to escape
Then cast that wicked monster and all the pain inside
Far from where you wander, and far out of your mind”

”He’s quite fond of weakness, always haunting tortured souls
And to those that give surrender, he steals all of your hope
I’ve been where you are, only I gave up my very life
Until this hero heard me as I screamed up into the sky
Go now, wander freely, get yourself far from this place
Remember that you’re not alone, and death is no escape”

When she’s gets her strength back, they lead her from the night
Let the warmth fall upon her as they guide her to the light

”We will have to leave, once we know that you are safe”

”How will I ever be, knowing he could come back any day"

”He can only return if you allow him to remain
You have what it takes to stop him, you need only show him strength
He can only harm you if you give in to his hate”


Meanwhile in the skies, somewhere close to Heaven’s gate

”Stand fast and ready, here is where we wait”
The demon leads his army to the home the hero claims
”When they return we will be ready to show them both their fate
And when the battle’s over, we will have won the day”

”Silly little heroes” says his victim turned ally
”They don’t even realize, that their latest rescue was simply a disguise”


”She is safe, our time is done,” he looks up with a sigh

”Time now to return up to the sky my dear, sweet, silly knight”

He takes a look around, knowing just what’s coming next
Drops onto his knees while taking one more final breath


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another light to brighten, another soul to save
The endless quest of our Fallen Hero with no name

Be sure to check out the story from the beginning

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KindredSpirit's picture

Great write

We can always use a Hero.

That sounds bad...

But that is how it is



RoC's picture

Have you read

The rest of this story.

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

KindredSpirit's picture

No RoC

But I will when i get a chance.

Gotta go .


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I bawled and bawled and bawled. Still am. I love this sooo much! Thank you for writing. You're aMazing! 

Copyright © morningglory

RoC's picture

This chapter

Is yours, after all, to love.
Thank you for waking my hero. It's been so long since I've been able to give this story more than a line or two.
I have about two dozen beginnings lying in a trashcan somewhere.

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

Morningglory's picture

That's so cool

I am so grateful right now. He is my hero. I feel every bit of it. <3

Copyright © morningglory

Sassylass's picture

You kept

My rapt attention ,reading a story,seeking the end reward.

very nice.

a great story teller.



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



RoC's picture

This is chapter 9

There is so much more to this story with no apparent ending in sight.
As a writer, I am thrilled that I kept your interest and attention through all of it.
Thank you for that :)

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr