1963 A Southern Maiden

B. Boyte 1963


Here, amid the bold beauty
of Mississippi's wild,
Lies the fairest of nature's creations,
Beside a clear stream.
The light off the water,
The shadows of the wood,
Play moving patterns
On her lovely repose.


Her long, twining curls,
Lustrous with light
Shine like the wings of a raven.
Her soft, smooth skin
So warm to the touch,
Is sprayed by the cold rushing torrent,
And droplets of water,
Crystal and bright,
Glitter like jewels,
on the deep golden tan.


Her features depict
A Creole descent,
Though the blood of the Choctaw
Flows through her veins.
Her light crimson lips,
So rounded and full,
Her dark, sparkling eyes
Enchanting and deep,
Are formed in the symmetry
Of the Spanish and French.


Her form stretched out
On the worn, wet rock,
Displays a figure
Curvaceous and slender,
With graceful contour
And beauty abounding,
A Southern Maiden,
Lies beneath the warm sun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was 18 and completely taken by the beauty of this young woman at a swimming hole at Fair River.  Dixiene was her name.

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