Love hurts

It's been a long time and I should have move on,
but this thing they call love is just that strong.
I've dated a few and even kissed one or two,
but none caught my heart because I'm still in love with you.
Love has a hold on me and I only blame you,
That's why I need to close the door and start anew.
Everyday I ask God to free you from my mind,
but everyday I find myself thinking of you all the time.
Yes, love got a hold on me and it's driving me insane,
if only I knew you really moved on, it would really ease the pain.  
I want to give someone a chance and make them mine,
how can I do that when you're in my mind all the time.
I'll wait for God's answer and see what he'll say,
so I'll be patience and calm and see what comes my way.  

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