Doomed Vessel

Doomed Vessel"


Tired of navigating the rough and endless sea of drama. The weight of your baggage outweighs the float left in this ship... but you refuse to part with any of it to save us.  You're a stubborn angry passenger. Quick to complain, always sounding obstacles in our path.  The responsibility, is ultimately left to me, I hastily steer us towards calmer waters.  We're on a sinking ship, and although I've played captain, mending every crack, hoisting ever sail... I will, ultimately, in the end, not go down with it.  I'm jumping overboard.  And while I'm scared of the rough seas before me, and I'm sure I'll be consumed by frigid lonely waters, my dear I'd rather take my chances, than die going down with you and this ship.  (Laugh) In the end, even the dogs would rather face untimely death than stay by your side till your end... 

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