Uncurl from a dream,
a musky dark forest,
with trees that tower over thee.
Are you dreaming or is this real?

Threatening rustling amonst the trees,
slowly arise,

but then questioning thy actions,
Come up to a stance.

To run or to hide?
Frozen, the unknown floods over,
hear a noise from the shadows,
Are you dreaming or is this real?

The instinct grips, RUN!
Racing through the trees,
seeking a light,
speed inscreases driven by fear.

Heart pounding,
blue eyes look back, then again,
keep powering forward.
Are you dreaming, hoping it's not real?

Twigs pierce flesh,
like a curtain of glass,
tepid crimson blood trickles,
on smooth skin.

Bronze glossy locks,
flowing effortlessly against her face.
A brush of the breeze.
Are you dreaming or is this real?

Come within reach of a large mysterious light,
gleaming before thee,
without a thought leaping into it,
into the next dream. 

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