Bad guy

Call me the bad guy here.
How the fuck is that fair.
I do this for payback not payment. I swear
I dare you to say it again.

Then. I want you to admit your sins
All I do these days is sit at home alone
In my den trying to escape through xbox
I just sold my mom’s ex-boyfriend’s wristwatch to piss him off

I did it. He just coughed blood
Because I shoved his ass down in the mud.
Bam, pow, Thud! Was that.. th-thunder. Wow.
I’m not going to pretend I’m black. This beat is just my nack
But at least I don’t sag and hold my sack

Oh wait. Was that raciest
Don’t get pissed. Please I must insist
Just kidding because I don’t believe in color
Well, Bill Nye said it’s just the reflection of light

Well my sights bad and I stared at the sun till everything was bright
That’s a reason I wear glasses. So fuck off. Ight?
So stop with the stereotypes you fucking dikes.
I’m a fighter. Ivy said I was a brawler.

So I guess that makes you a crawler
I’m 6 foot now. Feet, whatever. I’m even taller.
From this height you appear even smaller.
So call yourself a lawyer and call me Tom Sawyer

Because I can write whatever my inspiration desires
I may look weak. But I seek to build my own empire.
Like a motherfucking Eagle flying to the top of the tower
Did I just use a simile to make a single? Damn right. That’s my power

Now cower because I’m reaching my fucking peak.
If I have to walk through more fire than fuck it. I’ll do it 7 days a week.
You’ll call me sire when I stomp on that devil you call a liar
I’ll do whatever I have to in order to inspire and I’ll never fucking retire

Here we are. In the middle of the night
So grab this wire and wrap it around your neck
Keep it tight like this rhyme.
But now you’re dead so I guess it’s time

To throw your body on the deck and let these eagles peck
At your fucked up corpse like it’s a picnic. Fick, Fick, Fuck.
Your parents are mad so I drove by and said what’s up.
Ill drive by their house, rope em up

Leave em strapped while I listen to them quack like a bunch of ducks.
Fuck it. I’m not really insane. I just have a mind vivid with imagination and pain.
Revenge consumes me so call me Cain.
But unlike my dad I don’t binge but he loves me and I love him so I can’t fucking cringe.  

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