Great Escape

Sometimes I feel like.

I might say fuck it and hang back.

Live in cape and grab myself a 12 pack off the rack while I sit around and vape.

Say fuck my dreams and lack on food stamps while I'm living on the streets.

Sit around on the concrete with the rest of these hicks and smoke a blunt with my dad Rick.

Why do I still write? I should just jump off the bridge and take flight.

Fuck, I still might. Sometimes I hate life.

Sometimes I just need a hug but I always end up kicking the welcome rug and wishing I had a rope to tug.

Thinking about being a thug and sitting with that old man who just got mugged.

Every time I walk up my street I just feel fucked.

My mom tells me I'm out of luck.

Why does my life always have to suck.

I sit in my bed untucked lovestruck by Rock and Rap.

But I have to tap into my adrenaline and run some laps.

Think about popping caps, taking a nap or plotting my own map.

Deep inside I don't want to be like everyone else and sit around to fap.

I don't want to be mediocre and slap my wife while I sit around overly fat watching TV.  

Believe me. I don't have a lead on success but I must confess that I can't help but feel pissed.

Goodwill was all I could afford to dress with.

Maybe I should sit around like a dropout and smoke some meth.

My friend has 4 out of a fifth. A bag he stole from the thrift shop.

Told him to fuck off. I hated being held liable to read the bible on christmas eve.

Couldn't even breath without someone judging me.

Don't you see? In order for me to succeed I have to believe.

I have to blow off my steam.

But before I leave I have to make amends.

Steve we were a team.

Our futures seemed to gleam.

But now you’re mad hot. Give that a thought.

Now we act like robots. Attitudes always conflicting.

Paths always connecting. Is there anything I’m missing?

Would you stop dissing for a second?

I’m missing you man. Why did Scott threaten and leave us in this wreckage.

Like a nuclear weapon. We caused an Armageddon.

This feud was so unexpected.

How can one girl that seemed like a blessing cause us to start pissing?

Pissing on each other right in everyone’s presence.

But I just want to check in man. How’s it going?

This whole situation has left me sickened.

This confliction has taught me so many lessons but it's left me guessing.

Will we die at the same time and meet each other in heaven?

Doubt it. To god I’ve always been a peasant.

I hope this sets in. We’ll see each other soon I reckon.

But as for cape. That won't relate.

Music is the only thing that helps me concentrate on my great escape.

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