Walking and Thinking

Walking and Thinking by Ria J. Leon
The pavement silent beneath me feet
I'm listening to Morrissey
But only for the melody
Forget the angst of words
I left home a while ago
Where walls smothered me
Where I only wish for distance
From my many friends
Unknown to me
Caught in ink and rhymes
Why does the air around me
Seem a thing of fantasy?
And a blend as grey thought
Becomes piercing crystal?
I never stray to obscurity
With used and worn words I'm satisfied
I'm contented with stories
Of Tolkien, and Carroll
What part of me though
Defies what I want?
Exposes me to ice or fire
To be consumed
Whilst I while away hours
Meant no doubt for use
But left to cabbages and kings.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem after listening "There is a Light (that never goes out)" by The Smiths.

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