Why I Am

Poems about my dad

Why? I ask, am I this way.

I dont know why, am I okay?

I ask why, I am this way?

I dont know why, is this not okay?


Breaking down the image, that is placed in my mind. 

Standing upon two feet, why do I feel so obsolete?

This tattoed mouth always chooses to speak.

Is it better to be voiceless and unheard?

Or is my only outlet, speaking fruitless words?


Why dont you keep me in my cage? I'd rather hide.

So I don't ask why I am this way. So I don't cry.

I don't know why, am I okay?

I ask why, I am this way.


Life is what you see exists, and so give that meaning to us kids.

Don't pretend you got it all on your own, wait until were fully grown.

The predecessor & hero now bares no throne, for what you have done... you should die alone.


And no ones left to save us

One person can't do it all on their own

So you chose to leave us

Now this is a happy home

And I won't ever let you see us

You're dead to me, I'll raise my tone

So when you ask, what you mean to us

Somebody that I used to know.


So don't ask why we act this way, don't ask why we've turned away

Don't ask why you're shrouded in doubt, you formed your own rainy clouds.

For I won't ever live under your lie,

I've become the man I am.

Long gone away, you have lost your biggest fan.

And I will not mend, the spine of a spineless man

And you, my old friend

Will never see me again.


So I do know why, why I am this way.

I do know that, I am okay.

Exactly who I choose to be, fuck you for making me think differently.

I have grown into a man, a man that you will never see. 



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I'm okay, you're okay, we're

I'm okay, you're okay, we're all okay.  Individuality is a wonderful thing.