Pour it out, straight black 


Now I won’t slack


Craving awfully for coffee

Just give it to me black 


During my morning crawl,

Offers me my wake up call


Caffeinated, now I’m elated

Coffee’s got me rejuvenated 


Cup after cup, shot after shot

Espresso and pot 


Without it I’ll hit a wall, feeling addicted to coffee

Need it or it’s withdrawal 


Caffeine in my brain, keeping me sane 

Coffee is my everyday crutch,

How much is too much?

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Coffee addiction

Caffeine withdrawal headaches are worse than migraines. 

Addict here! I love the stuff!!

© Ground

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Reply to you

It's really addicting its true. I only take decaf now. Still have insomnia . Nothing to do with caffeine though.

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Better stick to decaf.