Dissatsifaction plagues my mind

Bulimic tendencies

Purging until there's nothing left to "repair"

My mind shattered into fragments

Stare in the mirror until my reflection is sick of looking at me.

Repeat and recycle this process

Pushing my body to the brink

All else irrelevant except the constant

strive for the perfect physique

But no matter the strain I place on myself

It will never come to fruition in my mind

So I am plagued, all self-inflicted

Plagued in a world full of comparisons and judgement

If only I could realize I am to blame

If I could realize I'm hurting myself more than helping

But I keep doing the same

Then I feel so guilty

So kill me


Just kill me.

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Post introspection ...

Take a quiet moment

Look into your heart

Say hello and thank you

Feel the warmth inside


Breathing in the sweet

Offered back in kind

Thank your heart with love

For beating all the time

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