My God My God...

  My God, My God

Eli' Eli', la'ma sabachthani? (My God, My God, Why has thou forsaken me?)

The death song has begun.

The melodic whisper, only I can hear.

It comes softly, like a dream.

I close my eyes.

Did I choose this?

It matters not now.

It is too late.

Azrael, be not proud.

The time has come.

No one, no thing will ever hurt this body again.

In de*th, no one can touch my soul.

I take that with me.

I choose to leave my anger behind.

I used it only to survive, and now it has consumed me.

As the song becomes clearer, the fire beneath my skin fades...

The Angel of Death sings sweetly, deceptively so.

Oh, Lamb of God, release me from this tortured existence.

Give me wings to fly, new eyes to see only goodness.

Give me a heart filled with joy.

Is it only in death, that I can truly live?

~Holly F~

1994 Copyright

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Journey Continues....

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Michelle Bevan's picture

i enjoyed your poem i could relate to it in a special kinda way ty shell