Legend of Yancy Parfoot, The


Pets Abound

In Yancy Parfoot's furbound town there's fur and teeth and claws

It's a place where many pets abound. There's prints of many paws

The dogs and cats are treated well; are curried, combed and fed

They're given everything they want before they go to bed

The elephants are given corn and pedicured each day

Hyenas laugh at tall giraffes. The cows have too much hay

The water troughs are always full. The bins are full of grain

The hippos have a river bed. The ducks have lots of rain

The eagle flies in clear blue skies. The updrafts never end

The beaver has a king-sized dam and the otter for a friend

The kangaroo can jump and play with dingos hangin' 'round

'Cause all the animals are good friends in Yancy Parfoot's town

The monkeys high up in the tree swing and eat their fruit

While down below the camel chews and the pack rat checks his loot

The mole is digging through the dirt, while the mouse runs through the ruts

The robin's tugging on a worm and the squirrel is eating nuts

The owl flies when darkness comes and the stars are shining bright

The coyotes howl and great wolves prowl in the cover of the night

The lions lay in tall plain's grass. They play and lick their feet

And Yancy Parfoot comes each day from the market with their meat

It's truly a heaven for animals in Yancy Parfoot's town

He moved there twenty years ago 'cause people let him down

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just havin' fun

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