All you turkeys run and hide or next week you'll be inside

This ponderous hulk I'll not believ was me.

Stuffed 'n' wined 'n' satisfied looking forward with great pride

To all the football games on my TV

Halloween is over now abut it's not so sad somehow

Thanksgiving's not so very far away

First we stuff the big ol' bird then after we have said the word

We'll carve him up and put that fowl away.

Talking, laughing, smacking lips, At buffets a dozen trips

That make you feel twice your normal size.

But you're not sure you really care 'cause the whole darn family's there

And this is happiness you realize.

Sauce 'n' spices, dressing too, potatoes, yams 'n' corn 'n' roux

Good ice cream and home made apple pie.

And when Thanksgiving Day is through; You're full of talk and food and brew

And a memory that will always make you sigh.

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