Mall, The


The mayor Bair starts his new year on a negative note, I fear.

Added to the city's pall is a brand new shopping mall.

Walking circles having fits, saying the new mall's the pits.

There this city's business goes, adding to financial woes.

One thing he doesn't realize; The answer's there before his eyes.

First the people demand growth and you must uphold your oath.

Second is free enterprise which principles must not despise,

And then supply answers demand I hope this, too, you understand.

We need a positive approach and not on the new mall encroach

And if you try to go to court, the new mall's plans now to abort,

You'll be spending city cash to give us a financial rash.

You,re ranting pulling out your hair and your problem's here, not there.

Growth, free enterprise, supply; your answer's right before your eye.

As valley grows, the town must too, so you know what you must do.

Add free enterprise to town so your sales do not go down.

Meet demand with more supply, so your downtown doesn't die.

Keep your politics in here, and do not of the valley fear.

If you encourage them to grow, they will help you too, you know.

We share concern but not your grief, if such is your sincere belief.

As industry to Spokane comes we all must dance to different drums.

It grows and grows beyond your bounds and you rave on with useless sounds.

The city will not watch you cry and help the Spokane downtown die,

But help to grow and to compete and do it with a positive beat.

If you don't know what I'm talkin' about, then you can't help. You must get out.

And let someone who knows he can come up with a better plan.

If competition is your fear, I hope it's your last office here.

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