Living with Mistakes


How To Live With Your Mistakes

The string of hearts across your past

Like stones across the grass

Leave their mark of dates and times

Like those in the marble and brass

Indelibly etched in your history

with scars upon your heart

Nothing can be erased

back from where you start

Each cut and wound, each memory

still weeps and bleeds anew

Every time you reminisce

And the pain stays with you too

The children you have left behind

Will never stay there long

Their memory will belong to you

To tell you what was wrong

You should have stayed to watch them grow

You should have loved them more

But there was no way to know

What you had in store

So now you cry and wonder why

You did the things you did

And when you feared what life gave you

Why you ran and hid

You loved someone a lot of times

And things didn't go too well

Confusion made your choice for you

And turned your world to hell

But don't give up on everything

The things that turn our right

Are worth the living hell you've lived

The love is worth the fight

The scars are there and the wounds won't heal

And you'll still feel the pain

'Cause love is like the flowers that grow

After the storms and rain

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written by Robert W. "DJ" Cameron - Tuesday, 30 June, 1992, (2:00 o'clock p.m.)with some nostalgia for my oldest kids, Dova and Bob.

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