America Lost


It is the tradition in America to lose

Beginning with bringing the Indian our booze

We took his land and gave him liberty

Then taxed the land in which we all are free

The rockets red glare once rang throughout the land

Now it's against the law 'cause we might burn our hand

All Hallow's Eve was kids and candy night

When we all dressed up to give us fresh insight

Poison and razor blades were the real fright

And Halloween is a disappearing light

Motorcycle helmets and stringent seat belt laws

Are government perfection of our human flaws

The government is silencing our voice

As we passively give up our right of choice

The constitution which made us all so free

Is daily reinterpreted for you and me

What was once the land of the free and brave

Is now the home of the economy and its slave

If we are so afraid to import foreign stuff

It's because the quality of ours is rough

Take pride and improve what we make

And we won't have to worry about what others make

Values once given by parents to their child

By staying home with him has been defiled

Now the day care raises him instead

Both parents work or are divorced or dead

Love has been replaced by the dollar $ign

Our freedom is disappearing by design

The problem of drinking or of taking drugs

Is caused by a government of thugs

They no longer see a husband and a wife

But two paychecks to tax for their high life

What can we do to turn this all around

Who knows where we are or where we're bound

Love and liberty are what we've lost

And there is no way of life that's worth that cost

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I often cry for my country inside. I remember donning a uniform in 1959 and saluting everything that didn't move. That patriotic feeling is lost because of the angst in my country

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You have amazingly put into words everything I feel also about our land! I cannot express enough my awe in your writing gift!