Falls of Remembrance

Three Friends

A million Memories

Cascading through time,

All in my mind,

(Pretend everything's fine)

Falling endlessly, 


Into dark caverns

That lie

In the subterranean


Structures of 

Fragmented glass,

Forming icicles

As the water



It has to do with

How I see your smile

Reflected in every

Blue eyed Blonde boy

That crosses my path, 

How much I see your 

Brother's somber face


In your nephew's 

Temper tantrums.


I'm constantly


That's not a bad thing,

Because I can now


At those memories

Of the time I spent

With you.


The laughing,

The crying,

The living, 

The dying.

You will forever

Live on

In my heart.


And that's what matters.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Memories aren't necessarily bad, though sometimes they feel overwhelming.

elliot_jordan2003's picture

Wow blew my mind bravo!

Wow blew my mind bravo!

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and thats what matters...




awesome. good write

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I love it. It's an amazing

I love it. It's an amazing piece. :)


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Lamar agrees

This very mystic piece is remarkle. I love the gloom express throughout the poem.