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The girl in the mirror

Stares back at me

Reflecting nothing

That is seen in reality.


Sometimes she mocks me, 

Tells me I'm not good enough 

That I am worthless, 

And that no one will miss me. 


She supports me too, 

Gives me reasons to go on, 

Like listing my goals, 

Reminding me people care.


The girl in the mirror

Is confusing.

First she says one thing, 

Then something quite different.


I cannot trust her, 

And I cannot trust myself, 

Because I am damaged. 

I'm too broken to be whole.


Sometimes I feel real

When I'm with people who care.

That's not quite right either, 

Maybe she's affecting me. 


The girl in the mirror, 

A reflection. 

That's all that she is. 

Her thoughts don't matter.


Mine, do.

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I really like this. It's

I really like this. It's well-written, and it has a great and strong ending.