My Grandfather's records

Records, a word people stopped using a long time ago, an artifact people stopped buying and making with time. An item we now see as a collection item, I used to see everyday on my grandfather’s bedroom. As I see them now, I can only see the dust gathering up on them, waiting to be played again, to be held and waiting to bring joy to someone again. My grandfather loved his records; he used to play them all the time on the record player and kept them playing for hours. Whether it was 5 in the morning or 11 at night, he didn’t care if he would wake someone up because he said they would wake up hearing the gift of music. Every morning my grandmother used to say to him that if he didn’t lower the volume she would get so mad, but instead of listening to her, he would turn the volume just a tiny bit more because he loved making her mad and felt that is she just listened to the music she would feel better, happier. Old records, new records, borrowed records; he had every kind of record and he would get as excited about each one of them as if it were new. Every summer I spent on my grandparent’s house, we would listen to his records night and day. I still can’t figure out how could he play different songs each time, I could swear he never repeated them unless I asked to hear one specifically. Most days just like my grandmother, I would get annoyed by how loud he played his records, and would tell him to stop so I could get some good sleep, and I remember he said if you slept with music you would sleep much better, but I didn’t understand him. It was too loud for me. I used to go in his room when I was alone and tried to play one just as loud as he did, but I never could because I didn’t get it as he did. Now that I go to his house, and see his records just laying there in his room, gathering dust, without being played, or held, or bringing someone joy, makes me sad and all I want to do is listen to one as loud as I can just for a moment, just so I can be little again, feel annoyed by the loudness and smile because I know my grandfather would too.

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I love this. I have quite the

I love this. I have quite the vinyl ( 45s and 33s ) collection myself and I used to play it a lot on my turntable. Nowadays when i get home from work at night I mostly look things up on youtube, but I miss my teenage years [ in the pre-internet era ] when I sit around playing my records. I'm figuring your grandfather came of age in the fifties or sixties.