I do not sleep.

Thoughts swimming in my mind.

I am drowning in my own seas.

You can float on by.

Numbers comfort me.

Numbers kill me.

Correction: I kill myself;

Numbers are the weapon;

In the ballroom.

The clues are all there.

You are clueless.

Pushing everyone away

Because I am the mime in the box.

Everything is a spectacle.

I will graciously give up lead.

Red velvet curtain falls.

White cotton sheet

Pulled over my head.

No need for the flashing lights.

But please use the siren.

Tears fall slower than the IV drip I hate.

Plastic tubes,

Beeping machines,

Fat nurses.

A hell that is freezing cold.

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Wow! Bravo. As I read it, it was like reading it at a zig-zag. Strange, I know. I've honestly never read something like this. Thanx for sharing!!! Keep it up.