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Positivity is said to multiply itself
as negativity can

This is False
Or at least misnamed

It is not but a positive or negative outlook
Attitude implies a pressure: I 'must feel happy' today
Correspondingly increasing fakeness, which is as visible to most as one's physical attributes
Expecting constant positivity also invokes self-judgement and tormenting repeated thoughts

What is reflected back to you by others
Is the love you let flow from your being
Love for life, yourself, and others
Love for creativity, freedom, nature and art

A commitment to love yourself
To do what you love
And to spend time with those you love
Will expand happiness in a supernova fashion
Brightening you, and those around you
And ripple on, 6 degrees of small world, my star

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miss your perspective on the

miss your perspective on the site, hope you've continued to write despite where life takes you.  Wish you the absolute best, take care