Injured Rhythm

Dance & Dreams

i speak aloud the words that flow within my mind
i cannot type the way the drum inside keeps time

i do not know if anything i feel is real
except the changing tides roll on along the wheel

and as it turns i feel i learn - im more confused
with age comes widsom or maybe simply solitude?

a sense of pride of knowing who we are and why
i know im nothing if i cannot empathize

i felt that daily when the teacher would hit play
the music gets me, feel the rhythm love the stage

and now these words are all i have to let you know
Who i am What i am Who you are How we grow

as injured angry hated frustration regret
i fight with hope and dreams and temporary set
need an art i need humanity and touch
turn off the music something please give me a rush
that sounds like drugs i know that world would pull me down
but like a curious child i ponder how that sounds

i try to plan my life at every moment 'off'
my resting calm life isn't calm when you are used

and yet im happier than i have been in weeks
for i can finally tell somebody who seems to seek

ART. and life and sensuality
and everything that's every reason to be free

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