Fenrir Grimwolf, break now the magic chain,

The dwarf bond, Gleipnir, shall sunder.

Fimbul, ever winter, descend on us,

Grey heaven of wolf's hair, Odins bane.

Hati and Sköll, troll born, Fenrir spawn,

Devour now the moon and the sun.

Dark horror, the ice winds rage

Despair in the Fimbul winter's dawn

Great Fenrir, stalk now the binding god,

Howl, all Asgård shall hear.

The last battle, worlds end, descend on us,

Grim graveyard of gods, cold Ragnarök.

Surtr, sweep north like the south wind

Wield your star bright sword of fire

Cleaving the heavens and all Midgård

Freyr slayer, wrathful, Muspelheim's king

Jörmungand, great serpent, awake, fullbring the prophecy,

Fill the seas with your venom and cast them on the land.

Shatter now this world in in your coils,

Thor slain, Thor bane be.

Lif and Lifthrasir, hide deep in the one tree,

Face the world ending in slumber.

Find a world fresh forged,

Last and first in the barley.

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That lingering feeling is still there.