She Came To Him


She didn’t need his help,

She had to learn to stand on her own.

But she wanted it anyway.

Knowing that it would make both of their lives easier.


He didn’t need her help,

He had been forced to stand on his own.

But he also wanted her help.

For he also knew that it would make both of their lives easier.


Neither one of them needed anyone else.

Their lives had forced them to learn to stand on their own.

The good times and the bad,

both had only strengthened their resolve.

Sure they fell,

they would get bruises and scrapes from time to time.

But they eventually stood back up.

Because they knew that they had only themselves.


But one day,

the stars aligned and the Gods smiled upon them.

He had fallen and was struggling to stand.

She saw him,

sitting on a park bench.

But she also saw him.

She saw all the scrapes and bruises.

Some old,

and some very fresh.

She knew that she too had old and new ones.

But she couldn’t let him sit there in pain.


So without a word she went to him,

And simply sat down next to him.

And as he looked up in question,

She just smiled at him and put an arm around him.

At that moment no words were needed.

Both could tell in each other’s eyes what was going on.

He saw in her compassion and understanding.

He saw the thought that she knew what he was fighting at that very moment.

And that she was there as a support,

if he wanted it.

She saw the depths of pain.

The years of scars and anguish.

And she knew that this is why she was here today.


He looked away

ashamed and embarrassed that he had been so obvious.

She gently reached out and made him look at her again.

This time she spoke to him.

She told him

“It will be ok.”

Four words was all she said to him.

He again looked at her,

this time he looked deeper.

He saw that she understood his pain because she too fought the same fight he did.

So he let his guard down.

The walls he had to build came crashing down around him.

For that brief moment in time the rest of the world fell away.


He fell into her shoulder and wept tears that he had been holding back,

for many years.

She just held him and said nothing.

But it only took a few moments and she too

began to feel her walls falling.

And before she knew it,

she too fell into his shoulder and wept.


Even if the thought was in their minds they didn’t care.

The thought of how the rest of the world was reacting to this display.

For them the entire world was just the two of them alone,

on a bench in the middle of a park.


Now, for them time seemed to stop.

The tears slowed.

And they began to notice something else.

For the first time they really felt the other person.

He felt her holding him, he felt that there was a softness in her touch

He was amazed that she could be so tender while going through so much.

She felt his arms wrapped around her.

She felt his strength despite the pain.

And she knew that had she just walked on

he would have been ok.


They finally both stopped crying,

looked up at the other.

And once more no words were spoken.

But they knew one fact.

They had found,



They stood up,

never breaking touch just hold hands.

And they started to walk,


nowhere in particular.


She was once again the first to speak.

“Are you better?”

He let go of her hand and took a few more steps

then turned to face her.

And he said,

“What angel are you and who hurt you so? I have sat at that bench for years

holding my pain close to my heart because it was all I had.

And like an angel you came to me looked me in the eye and showed me your pain.

And with those four simple words you broke through ten years or putting up walls.”


She smiled at him,

no one had ever called her an angel before.

“I couldn’t let someone who was hurting so go on.

I could see it in your posture that you would have been ok.

But there have been times I wished someone you have been there for me.

I did not expect for it to break through my walls as well.”


And as if both on the same thought,

they stepped in an held each other for a second time.

Only now no tears,

only a smile in their hearts and on their face.


If one could see pain as a physical form,

they would see two figures still sitting on the bench smiling.

Their goal accomplished.


And so the two left the park now no longer two broken people

going through life from one bruise to another.

But two broken people holding each other up.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on: 12/8/16

This was a bit of automatic writing.  I hope I got my point across well enough.  About how we don't always need someone to help us with our pain; know matter what it may be.  But all it takes is the kindness of one person to see the pain in another.  And to be there for them, to make all the difference in the world.  And who knows, maybe you will find that like the girl in the poem you will find what you have been seeking as well.

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even the strong need a

even the strong need a shoulder from time to time,some one to lean on

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