I’m Here and Here I am

Life Lessons

I’m here to show you who I am , It’s finally time,

To show the music that dwells within my soul.

The song that has been playing for me all these years.

It’s time to listen.


To set myself free to allow me to be me.

There was a veil on my eye and heart.

Placed there by what I thought was true.

I used to do all the things I thought I had to do

I believed the world I had been shown but they were wrong.

It’s no longer time to run.


I have realized one fact,

That I am just a human,

a perfectly imperfect human.

I put my heart out on the line.

I feel light and the dark.

I feel my stars align.

I do not need anything but the magick in my heart.


The colors before me are vivid and beautiful.

I hear my soul so clearly now.

I am not back because I never left.

But I have set myself free.

This is me this is who I am

I will not hide nor cower.

I will let the magick in my heart stay true.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Finished on: 3/2/16 @ 1544

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It's beautiful to hear

It's beautiful to hear someone find their peace. Wonderful read.

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This poem is dedcated to a good friend on mine.  She has helped me learn and find out much about who I am.  This does not come close to doing justice to what has been done but it is a start.