Mishaps, Feuds, Miscommunication,
Tearing, Ripping apart.
Men cut down to boys,
Thanks in entirety, Shatterheart.
Regions once ran Arid,
But the seasons always change.
This boy, the god of water,
His tears have brought him fame.
Shattered, Tattered, destroyed,
Never felt pain like this.
Torrents, floods, Apocalyptic,
Caused by those he missed.
It is better to have loved,
Than to have never loved at all.
The man who said these words,
Is a complete Neanderthal.
Love is a holy blessing,
But be cautious, be very smart.
Fools rush in, making boys from men,
Thanks in entirety, Shatterheart.

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wow i really liked this poem... its beautifully written