Wigga What!?

We beat up on girls
Oops I mean bitches
About our dicks we all brag
When they’re really 3 inches
All of us homies
We be bustin’ a cap
But of course we must wait
Till you turn your back
So hey fuck you bitch
What are you looking at?
Don’t you know I’m a gangster?
That means it’s cool to be fat
Because we are pussies
We all travel in packs
As we load plastic bb’s
Into our 10 dollar gats
My friends are all rappers
And guess what so am I
So just give me a chance
I’ll prove it’s no lie
“Hey stare at this gat
While we smoke some crack
I like girls who are blessed in the back
Oh shit this is Whack!”
See wasn’t that the dopest
Rhyme you’ve ever heard?
Well it came from my heart
Yup, Every last word
So come on girls
We’re the hottest temptation
We are scrawny white rappers
Who are all hung like Asians

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Gotta love these silly little creatures that are infesting our earth.

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yellowspecks's picture

That was too much. Great Job, very creative. Though its funny it also makes a few good points. I enjoyed it. ~Rae