Row Your Boat

Row Row Row your boat,
Gently Down the Stream.
Your boat comes to a water fall.
And Quickly ends your Dream.
You awaken from Your Sleep,
As you reach this deadly Cliff.
Fearing for your Life,
Only protected By your Ship.
You're Choking on Your Tears,
Praying with Everything You've Got.
Being Driven To Insanity,
By your every Waking Thought.
You row Right Off the Edge,
Spectators Stare In Shock.
You tint the Water Red,
As your brain Soon meets a Rock.
Your corpse floats down the River,
As the fishies bite your Toes.
So Welcome to the Real World,
That's how This story Goes.


So Yeah, This is a poem from my children's book of poems that I am currently working on...


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