Got Milk?

Watch as he runs,
Watch as he falls.
A couple more feet now,
Watch as he crawls.
Giggles are heard,
Of the fat kid’s delight.
Because it’s finally happened,
The fridge is in sight.
But his luck would soon change,
So the fat kid now frowns.
Because his stomach’s so large,
He can’t reach the ground.
So plopped on his belly,
Swinging his arms.
Dieing to taste,
His lucky charms.
But without the milk,
The cereal is too dry.
In hunger he screams,
With his stomach deprived.
But down through the roof,
He came with a splat.
To save this poor soul,
It’s the fairy of fat.
Onto the cereal,
The Milk he would pour.
Slowly lowered the bowl,
And placed it onto the floor.
The fat kid squealed with joy,
As he spoon-fed his face.
Then asked the fairy,
If he was a disgrace.
The fairy chuckled a bit,
And responded with this.
As his mind would soon plunge,
Into a fat man’s abyss.
Don’t change your ways,
Cuz you’re one of the best.
You’re a part of the men,
With size double D breasts.
As he fluttered away,
The fat kid still sat.
Next to the fridge,
Where his heart was attacked.
He crawled towards the phone,
But with no muscle built.
He’d fall in exhaustion,
And drown in his milk.

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Sandra's picture

Amazing imagery you put here. I love the last line especially.