Pre-Calculus Poem

Everyone has a weakness
Whatever it may be
Superman has his kryptonite
It’s pre-calculus for me
Functions full of letters
With square roots and with pie
The quadratic theorem
And the imaginary I
Like a child through a sermon
I’m shaking in my seat
Graphing power functions
May cause my defeat
You can translate a function
And reflect one as well
The studying of mathematicians
Such as the great Pascal
Equations need dividing
At which I am pathetic
There’s the regular method
And there also is synthetic
When it comes to my grade
I’m at the bottom of my class
With twelve assignments missing
It’s doubtful that I’ll pass

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for an assignment in my Math Class.  *Highest Grade in the Class! You know it!*

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AWwWw- It's okay. I am bad at Chemistry stuff.